Database Design

Rizubi Trading Exim Japan provides internet database solution to keep your website alive with regular updates and is very easy to maintain with control panel solution in a secured environment. You can create new products, update existing and delete sold or out of stock items. You have the total solutions to keep your website updated on a daily basis as your business and your prospective customer can visit your site regularly to see new arrivals and updates.

Database driven Client / Server application is emerging as the most demanding applications in the business world. Complete automation or Management System is the need in today's business, starting from manufacturing unit to Export-Import Business in Retail Industry.

Rizubi Trading Exim Japan has expertise in a wide variety of the RDBMS (Oracle 9i, SQL Server, MySQL, and MS Access), the latest programming language tools (VB, VB.Net, Oracle D2K, PHP) and platforms for client-server application. In a nutshell, our strong technical team ensures that the client-server products and services we provide meet your expectations.

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